Moses's People Speak (MPS) is geared towards law enforcement, educational institutions, and community members/organizations whose mission is to participate in the conversation of criminal justice reform. Each webisode features a guest who speaks power through their truth with the goals of creating a better culture.  The term "Moses's People" derive from the narratives of Moses P. Cobb and Samuel J. Battle, both who were known for being persistent and dedicated to breaking down racial barriers in law enforcement. 

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Clips and Guest Information from previous webisodes

More about Mr. Jones in Ep 001: Speaking out 

During this episode. Damon K. Jones talked about his life in law enforcement. and how law enforcement is deeply rooted in his family.  Mr. Jones discussed why it was important for BLEA to come out in support of Colin Kaepernick and how important police accountability is to instilling justice. Our conversation about speaking out on injustice lead to a conversation about police unions and how the culture is different between the national union and unions for African American police.  We also discuss what is need to establish trust between communities of color and law enformcent. 

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